Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sewing for the Kids

I have done a little sewing for the grandkids.  First up are pillowcases for my two oldest grandsons.  I found this great Monopoly fabric at Miller's Dry Goods and the rest is history.  These two guys love to play games...Monopoly, Scrabble, Wii...and they seemed to like these pillowcases a lot.  They are more age appropriate than the superhero pillowcases I made the boys a while ago.


I also found a printed fabric panel to make an outfit for my oldest granddaughter's American Girl doll.   It is from a collection of panels called "Let's Play" by Firetrail Designs for Andover Fabrics.   I have finished the jacket and the dress but there is still a coordinating lined purse to make.  Here is what the outfit looks like.  I wasn't able to fit the dress on the doll as I made it, so I sure hope it really does fit.

Here are the pieces of the panel for the give you an idea of how the pattern is printed on the fabric. 

There are instructions printed right on the panel, as well as more construction info at this website.



Sheila said...

Neat fabrics! and cute doll outfit.
My sons and grandsons range from 10 to 41 years. They are still into Marvel, DC, Superhero, Star Wars, Transformers, etc. pillows and pillowcases. Gave my 42 yr old nephew a Superman pillowcase for his last birthday and he love it. Gave it to him with a new pillow inserted, Ready to use. He hugged it, thanked me over and over, smiled from ear to ear. Then I noticed he was wearing a Superman tee shirt that day. Sometimes I luck up with gifts.

Karen said...

Great pillow cases and I do like those fabrics. Perfect for the older ones.
I had not seen those panels for AGD. Great idea. The outfit looks lovely.

Carol E. said...

Love those pillow cases, and the doll dress is too cute for words.